According to Health News, lactation specialist,nurses and physicians are introducing mimijumi “Very Hungry” bottle as an easier means to breastfeed longer. When starts using Mimijumi bottle, babies are less likely to have problem transition between breast milk and bottle.

Many working mommies are worried about their babies when it time for moms to return to work. Afraid baby rejected bottle is most frustrated feeling even give them breastmilk.

Good news is Mimijumi baby bottle is most like the breast. From the top of the bottle, the shape and the nipple looks pretty close to the natural breast. The angle of the bottle itself allows lots of body contact between baby and bottle to help mimic natural breastfeeding position. With Mimijumi bottle, mommies can return to work without frustrated & stressful feeling anymore.


The Bottle is made from :
  • high quality plastic that is clear as glass but safer for baby
  • The material was engineered in Switzerland to be used in medical applications and has all certificates required to be in direct contact with food
  • The bottle is free from BPA, lead, phthalates, and latex.

    Set Includes:
    a) Feeding bottle 240ml -1pc
    b) Cap  - 1pc
    c) Nipple (slow flow rate) -1pc
    d) Bottle care and use guide (instructions)

    Product Details:  
    • Cap protects nipple from leaks and dust
    • Following the contours of the nipple, the cap is a distinctive and protective element. The lip creates an intuitive, one handed snap-on, snap-off interaction.
    • Nipple closely mimics a breast in color and texture.
    • The gradual texture change towards the tip of the nipple creates a natural tactile experience. Integrated venting prevents colic while the one-piece screw-on nipple means no assembly is required.
    • The no skid-bottom makes it easy to fill the bottle and attach the nipple even with one hand.

      Mimijumi "NOT SO HUNGRY" Size 4oz 

      Mimijumi " VERY HUNGRY" Size 8oz

      Mimijumi Nipple(1pc)

      The gradual texture towards the tip of the nipple creates a natural tactile experience. Integrated venting prevents colic.
      Made from safest medical and food grade silicone.
      Flow Rates:
      1) Flow 1 for 0-6 months
      2) Flow 2 for 6+ month & above

      Only fit with Mimijumi Bottle


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    Feeding bottle 240ml -1pc
    Cap - 1pc
    Nipple (fast flow rate) -1pc
    Bottle care and use guide (instructions)

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